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​The Power of social media

​The Power of social media


The Power of social media - Social media is everywhere, are you?



Building your online presence is a very important part of getting your brand noticed. Here at BlogLikeShare we know just how crucial it is and how much impact it can have. Creating an online community of support is a sure fire way to get noticed quickly and on a wide scale, helping to gain new customers and to keep them coming back. And the best part is how cost effective it is.

Consistency, creativity and engagement play a big part in making it happen. Reaching out to people with positive, thought provoking and informative messages/Tweets/blogs, making your social media, user friendly and appealing.



One of the biggest hurdles people face with social media is how time consuming it is and timing is everything is this game! Giving your customers an insight into what makes your business tick, the people that make up the business, and seeing

positive interaction with customers is all priceless and hard to achieve any other way. It is also a good way and of getting feedback and opinions from your customers.

Another hurdle is keeping on your toes, you have to stay creative and in the loop, you need to know what people are talking about to make the noise needed to get noticed.




Here at BlogLikeShare, we work very closely with our clients, setting up tailor made social media packages to suit specific needs, we get to know our customers inside out. We have our finger on the pulse and bring 20 years plus of marketing experience and heaps of creativity to each company we work with.

The way we do business has changed and if you don’t keep up you’ll get left behind.




"Social media is everywhere, are you?"


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​The Power of social media
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