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Top 10 Twitter Tips

Top 10 Twitter Tips

For all you avid Tweeters out there, are you making your Tweets count?


If you're not using Twitter to it's full potential, you are missing a trick!


Follow our tips to help make you a top Tweeter:

  • Engage with people - like, share, comment, reply be human, not a robot.
  • Sell yourself, but don't overdo it - No one wants constant sales messages rammed down their throats.
  • Chose the right hashtags - Use keywords, do your research.
  • Use humour - Everyone appreciates a laugh, it's a great way to connect with people.
  • Make sure your links work - quick check makes all the difference to getting that extra exposure.
  • Participate in trends - See what's trending and get involved, try to avoid anything too heavy.
  • Timing is everything - Monitor when your tweets get most traction and go by that, mix it up here and there.
  • Entice with pictures - An eye catching picture may make people stop and look when they wouldn't normally.
  • Join conversations - Don't just watch what people are saying, give your opinion, ask questions, share info.
  • The element of surprise - Something random or out of the blue is sure to grab peoples attention.

"Nothing worth having comes easy, put in the time and you'll reap the rewards"




"Social media is everywhere, are you?"

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Top 10 Twitter Tips
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